Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Are Women From Venus?

There was a friend request in facebook from a good looking lady. She had sharp features that would attract any man. I envied her secretly though I didn't let her know that in our week's conversation, online.

To my surprise, she said that she was abandoned by her husband a year ago. She had a little boy of 2 and a half years old. The boy looked healthy on cam. They made a good happy family picture on cam, san a man by her side. But it doesn't matter. I am of an opinion that there is no point in sticking together in the name of marriage if a couple have problem with one another. It is good to be separated and stay peaceful rather than being together staying peaceless. She was a freelancer too. She wrote emotional articles on human relationship. And I remember that she was even trying to find a publisher to publish her works. I started admiring her and her inner strength. She earned respect and dignity.

I thought of spending a weekend with her family.
Went to her home. Home looked sweet. Neat. I felt romantic for no reason. Perhaps the pink curtains and the pink frames of the beautiful wall hangings were the reason. Wind Chimes that chimed near the window added song to the surroundings. The little kid was very happy to play with me. Dave, is his name. She told me that Dave hasn't seen a visitor to their house in any recent days.  She cooked Vegetable Noodles for me, one of my favorite. The boy fell asleep after lunch. She offered her bed for me to rest for a while. She told me that she was married and lived with the man only for a month. I didn't find any sadness in her eyes. But I noticed that her eyes were bright and twinkling. Perhaps, she too, didn't had a company in any recent days.

I fell asleep, while she was working on her computer. I started dreaming. She came near to me and I could feel her hot breath on my face. She looked beautiful. She brought her fingers to my lips and I could feel her soft touch on my lips. Startled, I woke up to realize that it wasn't a dream. The lady with the sharp feature stood naked there with her manhood in full throttle.

Thoughts of this funny experience make me to wonder about human behaviors. I have friends who are gays and lesbians, but no cross dressers until I met her. Now, what should she be called? A Cross Dresser? Huh?

Luv u all
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