Friday, July 15, 2011


I happened to meet an ex-fighter pilot, online. He was serving the Indian Air Force before becoming a civilian pilot. He liked reading most of my blogs. In fact I quote his own words here - "if u hve any thing to discuss on aviation...i ll be of help;i would like to get more on human relations frm u". 

Now what would one derive from his words? I derived that he is interested in HUMAN RELATIONSHIP. I thought he wants to understand human relationships. Relationship is not constrained to man and woman. Does it?

Relationship are the ones between friends, between family members, between siblings, between country men etc. His words kindled my interest in finding out about his several adventures in his flying career. He must have met different kind of people in different countries. He must have interacted with people of different origins. He must have got into relationship (the "no-string attached" ones) with different cultured women. Am I wrong in my assumptions? If any of my readers are pilots, then please correct me here.

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I wanted to get a nice meaty interesting story to write about human relationship. I did tell him that I am going to write his experience as a blog post. He didn't raise any objections. So, I started asking questions.

I asked,"what are the places that you have visited?"
He replied,"almost all countries"
I sat straight to copy and paste our conversation in MSWord so that I can write a story for you people to read later.

I asked,"which one is ur most liked?"
He said,"dubai and singapore
I asked,"Why?"
He replied,"dubai is a paradise;there we used get overnight stay in 5star hotels and singapore too;we crew members used to hve a gala time"
I asked him   ,"what was ur age?"
He said,"i was in my early 30s"
I said,"So, you had a comfortable place for you to stay indoors and have fun with opposite sex in these two places. Hence they are your most liked ones?"
He said," i m not denying;but it was a relationship with no strings attached" 

I felt disappointed and asked him,"   I asked you about the places that you liked. I thought you will say something about the people, their culture, their family relationship, their relationship with other country men, their treatment meted out to other people and their countrymen.but alas! lol" He replied,"i am a pilot .....i m not intrested in knowing abt the culture of people where i land.....nd i dont blog....donno to blog"  

Do I look like this to you now?

Luv u all
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