Tuesday, August 11, 2009

One Of My Wishlist Fulfilled

Yup, it was fulfilled last weekend. Thanks goes to Sridhar, my friend, who took me for a real looooooooong ride on a weekend. The traffic was almost nill as we were crossing the IT park beyond shollinganallur. So it was a fast ride. And i enjoyed tucking myself between the fast wind and my friend.I closed my eyes and felt the cool wind on my face, in that dark night.I wanted to leave both my hands free, stretch them to my sides and feel like flying. But i wasn't able to do it. Because i chose the wrong dress for the ride. I should have chosen a pant and a shirt for this long ride. I wore a salwar kameez and a dupatta, which needed my attention now and then, playing a spoil sport.

Only when we thought that we can raise the speed, we suddenly felt that the road was missing and it was so dark that we were not able to see anything ahead.We were thrilled and confused for few seconds searching for the missing road.:) We realised that there was a sharp turn. We took the turn and found ourself on a bridge. And the water was flowing under the bridge.We both don't know to swim.

It started raining after a while. This is what i was looking for. A jolly ride in the rain, in a cool night! Who wouldn' enjoy it?. My friend was also enjoying the drizzle with me. The feel of cool water running down my body and the feel of cool wind brushing the wet body was wonderful.

Thank you Sridhar.

Love you All
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