Thursday, August 6, 2009

Have i gone insane or the people around me?


Yesterday night while I was walking to the bus stop from work, I came across people who were talking to themselves. That really worried me.

There was this man, who was talking about the nature, wind and eyes. I heard him saying that he could see the whole world through his eyes. And he was thanking god that he could see the nature through his eyes. He was keeping on repeating this. I just turned back to see the person. He was sitting alone and was talking to himself loudly. One of the his eye was bandaged. And only then I realized that he was just venting his feelings out. He should have experienced more pain in his heart about the lose of vision in one of his eye. He stood up after few minutes, faced the small crowd which was scattered there in the bus stop, it was almost 10pm, and asked them “Why do you cry when you watch sad scenes in a movie?” Everyone was just watching him. Perhaps everyone was tired at the end of the day after their work. Or there was not a single young soul who could respond to this battered soul.

My bus reached my bus stop and I got into the bus. Fortunately I got a seat to sit. I heard a woman, who was sitting behind me, scolding a man. She was murmuring dirty words. The woman didn’t stop scolding him even after 10minutes. I turned to see whether she was talking to someone over mobile phone. She wasn’t holding one. She turned her head towards the window and was talking to herself angrily. She was a middle aged woman, very disturbed inside. She was looking very normal outside, just like the man in the bus stop.

I feel the whole world is turning insane. Everyone is feeling lonely. I guess, not everyone find someone to confide in, without fearing that it could catapult on them. That shows that everyone of us have stopped trusting anyone. Is it because we are more self centered, selfish?. Are we so engrossed with our own life, that we don't find time to lend our shoulder to our near and dear ones and leave them talk to themselves or talk to the strange crowd at late night?

Gone are those days, when ppl go to temple, sit calmly, close their eyes and pour all their feelings there and return home with lighter heart. Now we don’t have faith in anything. Not even God. Do we?

I have reproduced it from my old file. There is no difference in the world i look today, August 6,2009.

Luv u all
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