Friday, August 7, 2009

Bihar and the Swayamvar - Maa Tujhe Salam

Bihar faces this flood situation every year. People face hardships due to this flood. And i find that neither the people are strong enough to ask questions to our national leaders about the pathetic condition of the state nor the so called voter's choices are making any meaningful effort to avoid this type of situation in future.

Tue, Aug 4 09:43 AM
I have reproduced the following from the yahoo news link:

'I was all set to marry Elesh on Sunday. But it was Elesh who said he wanted more time to get to know me. I'm very confident of him. But if he needs more time to get to know me, how can I force myself on him? I'm ready to wait as long as he wants,' said Rakhi.

I am sure the people who are here in this photos are not watching this tamasha on TV. If they had watched the show, then they would have cursed the bride and the bridegroom, instead of blessing them.

Jai Hind. Hamara Bharat Mahan. Maa Tujhe Salam.

Though i didn't view a single episode of this TV Swayamvar - choosing a life partner from the contestants. It does sounds exciting as well as weird.

Interestingly Elesh has asked for more time to get to know Rakhi. I appreciate his intelligent move of asking for more time to get to know her. What would happen if Elesh finds Rakhi,not suitable for him after a certain point of time? What would she do, if he wants to conduct another Swayamvar, asking Rakhi to join his girl friend contestants? We shall get to know a person only if we spend every moment with him or her ,at home as well as outside with our friends.

Men and Women who has settled for love marriage after knowing their partners for many years are a divorced lot now. Men and Women who has listened to their parents' and married their parent's choices are not happy too. Now Rakhi and Elesh would be a laughing stock if they are going to get separated legally or not. Who has gained from this tamasha? The T.V. channel? Rakhi? Elesh? What has the viewers gained?

What are we doing to the future generation? Are we making a better place for them? Are we setting a good trend to live life peacefully and meaningfully? Where is the nation heading on to? I don't know whether the people who has lost their home, assets and family members in Bihar floods viewed this Tamasha. How much has the sponsors and the TV Channel spent on Rakhi as well as on this show? Who has benefited from this show? The nation? The people who are suffering without food in Bihar floods? CRY? Any other charity organization?

I have reproduced this new from the yahoo link :
Friday August 7, 11:16 AM
"First-quarter job losses touch 1.71 lakh"

Unemployment estimates for the first quarter of the financial year show a total of 1.71 lakh job losses, and the spectre loomed over most sectors, according to a study by the Labour Bureau. Buttressing this is data that shows withdrawal requests from the Employees' Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) between April and June touching a record 31.51 lakh, indicating large-scale layoffs as well as a severe cash crunch among workers.

Are we worried about this?

Can anybody enlighten me on this please? I am disturbed by the way things are being taken and conducted.

Angered and Worried :(
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