Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Once-in-a-lifetime Experience

Chennai Floods 2015 is the one of the most talked about topics in India. And if you have been following the news and updates in Social Media, you could have known that it left many people homeless.

I feel so sad for those who have lost their loved ones. I also feel sad for those who have lost their precious belongings and their home. When compared with them, I am in a much better position to manage life after floods.Though water was upto hip level inside the house, we were able to save few of our belongings. Some dresses, dinning table, most of the furniture, TV et al had to be disposed. Luckily I could save my laptop, but not my desktops. Scanner and Printer, need to be dried up under the sun. I am so grateful I could save the lives of my family members.

Cleaning wasn't very easy. I am so happy that my siblings and nephews are healthy enough to clean the entire house as well as the utensils. This is how it looks now.

Thank you so much if you were one of those who helped people affected by the floods. If not for you, we would be helpless.

I believe that this flood reminded us again that we all are ONE BIG FAMILY.

Luv u all