Monday, December 1, 2014

The Power of Positive Thinking

Ever experienced the effects of thoughts, both positive as well as negative, in your life? We all have experienced it in our life, without actually realizing it. Are you in a hurry now? Just stop for a second and think. Haven't you got whatever you wanted? I know what you are thinking right now. You also, got whatever you didn't want. You might have gotten whatever you wanted, a bit late, but you have got it at the right moment. Right? That is the power of positive thinking. It applies to the negative thoughts also. But we all want only positive things to happen to us. Let us stay positive and think ONLY positive things. So only positive things happen to us, always.

I love reading books and right now, am reading the book written by Esther Hicks "Ask And Its Given". This book was gifted to me by one of my best clients Rosie Bank, for my 46th birthday, on 20th September. And I am so grateful for the gift. Whenever I read the book, I feel my brain pumped up. I feel like I have given a work-out to my brain. And now, after reading half of the book, I realize that I have actually got whatever I wanted in my life, all these years. My thoughts, both positive as well as negative, have come to reality. Now, I have learned to invite just the positive things in my life even in difficult situations, for positive things to happen. And I am experiencing it now. I would like you also to experience it, by staying positive. Let me give you an example of what happened last week.

I was at work last Thursday. While I was moving here and there, looking at the mirror in the rest room of my office, I stamped on a tiny object that I felt beneath my slippers. I moved away to see that it was one of my ear stud. The stud was there. But the back of the stud was missing. I searched all the nook and corner of the rest room. Yeah, I didn't forget the toilet seat. LOL. But I couldn't find it.

I played back the scene in my mind about the places where I went before entering the rest room. I came to the rest room from the pantry passing a narrow path between the pantry and the rest room. Before going to the pantry, I went into the conference room for some reasons. Before going into the conference room, I walked to the main office from my cabin. I searched all the places before coming to my cabin. But all of the time, I was thinking that I am going to get it back from one of these places. I couldn't find it until I reached my cabin. It was there just below my chair. I wasn't surprised at all. Incidences like these has been happening for a quite a long time in my life, without me realizing it.

For example, It takes half an hour to pass through the peak hour traffic from my home to Pallavaram railway station. So whenever I leave home well after the usual time of 8.15am to catch the ladies special train that come to the Pallavaram suburban railway station at 8.45am, I always think that I am going to, somehow, make it to the station at 8.45am. And I have always made it. Some times the traffic was less. And if it was heavy, the driver of the auto I traveled took less frequented another route, without me asking him to do so. Or the subway was less crowded. Or the station road was less crowded for me to walk fast, to the reach the station on time. BUT whenever I thought that I am NOT going to make it, I have never made it. Isn't this the power of positive thinking?

What about you? Do you realize, now, that you have always got whatever you wanted? Do you realize that you are living here, because you wanted to live here, at some point of time in your life? Do you realize that all that has happened in your life was because of your thoughts?  Do you have an experience to share with the world about the power of positive thinking? I am looking forward to read YOUR experiences.

Have a good life.

Luv u all