Thursday, October 22, 2009

Is Sex Love?

My friend Desmond told me that his boy friend is so possessive that he doesn't want Desmond to maintain a close friendship with other guys.Desmond also told me that his boy friend loves him so much and he is happy about it.

I asked Desmond,"Do you really think that he loves you?". Desmond said,"i am proud of his love for me".

I said,"If he really loves you, then why couldn't he stand seeing yourself happy with your friends?". Desmond blinked at me. I said,"Your boy friend doesn't trust you. He actually feels insecure and jealous of you" Desmond looked at me angrily.

I said,"If he really loves you, then why wouldn't he let you have close friends? He is jealous of your happiness. He just couldn't stand seeing yourself happy with other guys. He couldn't stand seeing you laughing with your friends. He couldn't stand seeing you spending time with your friends. It is not love. It is jealousy. He wants you to be happy only with him. He wants you to spend time only with him.Now tell me, is this what you call as 'Love'?"

Desmond thought that i was right and he wanted to discuss this with his boyfriend.

Hey guys, do you think that i have poisoned his mind? Do you think that i was wrong?

Everyone of us have different opinions on different issues. I invite you guys to share your thought about this.

My friend Jayan told me that he would let his girl friend to sleep with other guys, but would want her to return back to him at the end of the day to be in his arms. Does that mean Jayan doesn't love his girl friend?

A married couple doesn't mind swapping their partners for a day or two with their best friends.Is it because they do not love each other?

One of my friend's wife knows that her husband is sleeping with other woman and she is okay with him as long as he care for her and for the family. Should we say that she doesn't love her husband?

My friend Johnson get a call from his wife every half an hour to ask him his whereabouts and whatever he is doing. And every time Johnson tell lies to her saying that he is held up at work. He doesn't want to hurt his wife by saying that he was visiting one of his female friend. Do you think that his wife loves him?

One of my female friend knew that her husband has an extra marital affair and she just couldn't stand this. This friend of mine is so fat that her husband doesn't enjoy sleeping with her. She knew that, that is the reason for him to stray. But she wouldn't let him spend his time in peace. What is the feeling that she has for her husband?. Love? Jealousy? Possessiveness? Insecurity?

Would you hate your baby if the baby laughs and feels happy in your neighbour's arms? Won't you let your child to play with their best friends? Won't you let your best friends to spend time with your other friends? Would you refuse to love your child, when the child says that he wants to be left alone for few days? Is the love that you have for your partner is different from the love you have for your siblings and parents?

We have always been told that true love is to have one partner for life. This has many reasons behind. If one partner for life is maintained, then there wouldn't be the problem of time sharing, commitment and other health related issues. But how would you prove your true love for someone? Being possessive?

Can "Sex" be related to "Love"? Can you measure somebody's love with "Sex"? If you find your partner seeing somebody regularly, would you mind it? If yes, then why?

Is it because you don't want your partner to have another person in his/ her arms? Is it because you don't want your partner to be cheered up by another person? Don't you want your partner to get something that he is missing from your existing relationship with him? Would you argue that your partner has to bear you for all your shortcomings in the name of "LOVE"?. Would you expect your partner to sacrifice the special feelings and urges,in the name of "LOVE"?.

Why should everybody think that having sex outside of marriage or outside of the so called RELATIONSHIP, is not acceptable?

Can anybody, who has a valid and meaningful answer can enlighten me on this please?

Luv u all
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