Saturday, June 6, 2009

Take Me There Please, Will You?

Two days back, David Yang, my friend, asked me what would i wish him to bring me from China. I told him to bring me the replica of "Great Wall of China". Mano, who was coming for a vacation from Egypt, asked me my wish. Guess what? I asked for the Pyramid. Sankar, my friend, asked me what would be my wish list. There are many, many friends who have wondered whether i really have a wish list. Do i look so lifeless? Come on guys, here is my wish list. Let us have fun.

I thought i can just post my wish list here. So that, every friend of mine, can grant my wish, whenever they could. :)

Here it goes:

There is a blue misty place in the sky where there is no trace of living beings except you and me. Imagine the solitary silence and the sound of our breathe. How romantic! Will you take me there?

Take me to the top of the mountain where the water falls originate from. I want to see where does water come from.Did you say that snow melts into water? Then where does Snow originate from? Take me there please. Will you?

Take me to a cave where water drips every moment and leaves a smooth bed of pebbles immersed in water. I want to lie there and feel the cold and smooth stones.Lets enjoy the darkness and the loneliness. Shall we?

I want you to take me, right now, to our dream land. Do you remember the dream that we both had? We walked into the falls and then into a cave. We found a pool right in the middle of the land. The surrounding was neat and calm except the sound of the breeze that came from the bamboo trees. The sound still echos in my mind. The sound that hummed like a mild drum beats.I want to hear the sound again. Take me there please.

Wow, that was a pleasant experience. The evening when you dropped me back home from the beach. Do you remember that? It was raining heavily. And you had to drop me back home soon and get back to work. We didn't have the time to wait for the rain to stop. We both enjoy traveling in the rain and so we decided to keep going. We enjoyed the cold wind as well as the cool rain water running from head to toes.The visibility on the road was poor. Do you remember that we were taken by surprise, when we almost bumped into a bus which was going ahead? That was an exciting ride. I want to go for the ride again. Shall we?

Wish list is not going to end here. But the time demands me to end it now and get back to work. So guys, stay tuned to read more on my wishes, if you really want to know me better.

Wish you all a happy week ahead.

Luv u all
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