Tuesday, June 18, 2013


While I was in school, I mostly felt sad and lonely. And I wasn't the type of a girl who share her inner feelings with friends. I am still the same. I didn't want to go to school several days, while I was young. Used to envy those kids who were really really enjoying their stay in school. Decided to watch them keenly.

They always sat in the last bench and I was sitting in the second bench. Those kids were jumping from desk to desk from back to front, cracked jokes among themselves, played around and laughed aloud. I was stuck with my place and never moved unless I had to visit the rest room. I have never had a chance to deliver any notice to either of my parents to meet my teachers. I also heard from my friends that one of the girl who is sitting in the same class for the second time was asked to bring her Dad for the parent-teachers meeting. And that her Dad was warned about her behavior in the class room. But I thought they were real rumors. Because I found no change in her behavior. She was still enjoying with her friends fooling around the class room whenever the class was free even for few minutes.

I thought "Wow! They are the most happiest kids in this world". I decided that I am going to let myself loose from tomorrow on wards. I thought," I am going to be UMA - the social student and not the UMA -the obedient student for the teachers". I made friends with those back backbenchers. I could see the raised eyebrows of my friends. School was the funniest place after that day. I later learned that I can share and balance my school time with these "kids for fun" and "kids for studies" groups.

The Team Fun was always there to give me company when I wanted to do something naughty to keep myself amused. For example, to read THOSE KIND OF magazines, to bunk special classes to watch horror movies etc etc. of course without the knowledge of my Team Study. I didn't even dare to discuss on my life I had with Team Fun to Team Study. Because I was very sure that I would be kicked out of their team, if they come to know about my naughty activities. I learned to keep both the Teams happy and true to both the Teams.

Secret - I still have two sets of people in my life. One for fun and one for serious matters in life. I don't mix them both. Now that you know the secret, figure out which set you belong to. Wink wink!

Luv u all

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