Thursday, September 29, 2011

Read your story in your Timeline in Facebook

I was just thinking yesterday, whether I can read my wall posts that I posted in Facebook, when I first joined Facebook in 2007. I don't really remember the exact date, that I joined Facebook. But I was curious to find out the date. One of my fellow blogger was referring to Timeline app in Facebook, that would show the history of our activities in Facebook. I tried it and it worked. Let me share it with you, so that you can do the same and relive the moments again. You got to click here to read the post in my professional blog.

Look at the screenshot that shows the date of my joining. Isn't it fun to find out the status updates, shares and friends that we added few years back?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Facebook Keeps Me Cheered Up

The Social Website that am fond of, is Facebook. Friends who knew me well, knows that I just cant make it through the day, without being on my farm in Farmville. There were days that I spent staring at my cattle and cottages proudly. Got loads of friends in my friends' list whom I don't even know. But happy to receive the generous gifts that they send me daily to my cattle and cottages. Also got new friends from all over the world, who share similar interests,