Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Eldest Student

Ms.Pradhani Hiran is my eldest student. I teach computers to her. She is a Bhutanese, staying with her daughter and grandson. She is the student am very proud of. She is 85years old and very active despite suffering from osteoporosis. She is a very keen learner and interested in learning to use Internet. She uses Skype to get in touch with her kith and kin who lives abroad. I met her last weekend and we had a little chat about her husband. She let me record her words.

I added the "Title" and "Credit" using Windows Movie Maker. I wanted to remove the annoying noise of the UPS ,at the end of this video, using WMM, but I just couldn't do it. Sorry about that. I shall try to find an audio editor to remove the beep sound, so that the video gets better. Any suggestions?

Learning to use Windows Media Maker. One baby step at a time. I thank her for being my subject.

This is the original video.

Luv u all