Saturday, May 30, 2015

I Lay Down Where I Wouldn't Sit

I felt little dizzy after my lunch one day at work. Though I had a little pain on the back of my neck, I continued working until I completed that day's task. The pain started spreading to my head. It got so severe, that I threw up many times. I still had this vomiting sensation even after my stomach was emptied. The phlegm that I was swallowing also, was ejected every ten minutes regularly.

I felt so tired,that I wanted to lie down for sometime. Inside of the office was very cool because of the AC. I started shivering. So, I walked out of the office and started climbing up the stairs to the pantry in the upper floor. I looked up
and the pantry was locked. The cook has left for the day. I felt weak and I lay down on the turning of the stairs. I felt better after a few minutes.I opened my eyes to look around. I was surprised to see that I was lying on the floor that was very dirty with sands all around. I was lying on the floor where I wouldn't even consider sitting on, for a while.

I was really enlightened with this experience.

I have seen beggars, construction labours and poor people sitting, lying and sleeping on very dirty places in the subways, near unused railway tracks, near sewage canals etc., I have always thought that they are not worried of their own and their children's health.

But now, I know that they either have no other place to unwind themselves or they feel so week that they just need a place to lie down or they have not let by others to lie down in a more nicer places.

I am sure that I will look at those people with different eyes now.

I feel blessed to have friends and colleagues who are kind enough to transport me from my office to home, when I fall sick. I feel blessed to have born in a family that provide safe and clean places to live.

I pray that everyone of us be blessed to have nicer places to live with nicer people.

Luv u all